Yep, this website is dedicated to YOU ~ Grownups Who Love to Read to Kids.

You deserve to be celebrated! Many happy memories involve books: the places stories took us, the new windows they open, the delight of cuddling with a parent or grandparent and being read to. Everyone knows that reading is fun!

And now reading together is doctor recommended.  The American Academy of Pediatrics*  says “recognizing that important brain development occurs within the first three years of life, and reading to children enhances vocabulary and other important communication skills, (the Academy) is asking its members to become powerful advocates for reading aloud, every time a baby visits the doctor. “… each time we touch bases with children,” Dr. Pamela High, (who wrote the new policy,) recommends that doctors tell parents they should be “reading together as a daily fun family activity” from infancy.

* (as reported in the New York Times by Motoko Rich 6/24/14)